Managing compliance and the safety of electrical installation is paramount for the safety of your staff, tenants, and the general public. We’ll work with you to build a tailored maintenance package to take the worry out of your hands.

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What is Maintenance?

Maintenance is managing the compliance and safety aspects of the electrical installations within your building, this could range from maintenance of fire alarm systems, emergency lighting to anything electrical that needs to comply with regulations. Without adequate maintenance and inspections, your company may face penalties as well as face insurance issues if your building is found to have unsafe electrical equipment. We also maintain anything from standalone buildings up to large business parks and private estates.

Having electrical installations that are out of date and not maintained can lead to dangerous situations for yourself, tenants, staff, and customers. At Jascom Electrical we’ll work with you to build a tailored electrical maintenance package for your business to ensure you remain safe, compliant, and fit for purpose. We at Jascom Electrical understand how much of an overwhelming task it can be to keep your building up to standard so let us take care of all aspects of your maintenance to ensure your systems are performing at their best.

Why Choose Jascom for your Maintenance?

At Jascom Electrical we’ve been providing maintenance service for over 30 years to the South East and Kent. We’ve had customers that have been with us from the very start, and we’ve built our trust with them through the service we provide. We are leading experts in the electrical industry and our engineers work to the highest standards set by Jascom. We work to SFG20 regulations, which means that we do not only work to the British Standard our maintenance work is also carried out to SFG20 regulations. Our engineers' execution of work is second to none and have been taught to work the Jascom way, which is to work to the highest standards and to go above and beyond for our customers. Our client's satisfaction and happiness are key, and it is one of the goals that we strive to hit daily. We carry out thorough security checks such as DBS to ensure our clients' safety and to provide you with peace of mind. We’d love to hear from you to discuss your maintenance needs, call us today on 01634 880880 or leave your message via our enquiry form below.

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Case Studies

We've carried out some amazing installations over the year, we'd love to showcase our work. Feel free to take a look at our case studies for a detailed look into the electrical services we provide.

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