Fire Alarm

We carry out a vast range of fire alarm Installations whether commercial, residential or industrial, we design and install an extensive range of fire alarm solutions, from single-zone fire detection systems to large, fully addressable, multi-zone systems.

Fire Alarm Design
All our systems are designed in accordance to current British standards, we are a competent organisation that undertakes the research required to ensure that the fire detection system complies with the legal requirements. We adhere to the following:

Fire Alarm Installations
All systems are installed, fully commissioned and certified to British Standards (BS5839). Our services include:

Fire Alarm Commissioning
We understand the importance of commissioning and ensure that all systems are commissioned by one of our competent fully trained operatives, who has attended recognised training courses on the equipment as well as the British Standard.
At the commissioning stage the entire system is inspected and tested, in particular:

On completion of commissioning and user training all documentation will have to be collected and handed to the our client or their representative. This will include:

Fire Alarm Maintenance
All Fire Detection Systems require maintenance if they are to work perfectly in and emergency, we provide fire alarm maintenance and servicing of Fire Alarms all carried out to the current British BS5839 Standards